Whether you own a retail building, medical practice or are running a national franchise, managing your commercial property’s daily operations is stressful. LEAP Solutions is an independent local service to make your life easier and make sure the properties are run efficiently and profitably. David and his team have both the technical and accounting experience to take care of everything for you, without all of the layers and communication challenges typical of larger management companies. Even if you are currently under contract, there may be ways for us to help now. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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“David is basically running a business for us (the owners) – and the most important thing for me is judgment and integrity. There are a lot of really good real estate organizations out there, but the judgment people are now the 2 or 3 top partners, who no longer handle front-line items anymore … so we ended up doing a fair share of it ourselves because we weren’t pleased with how things were being run! But, when we had finally had enough and brought on LEAP Solutions and David, our involvement in the property has been reduced by at least two-thirds. Now we feel like absentee owners, and we couldn’t be more pleased!”

“Thank you for all of your help with managing the properties… managing properties from a distance was a struggle for me and you have been a lifesaver.”

“The prior management company didn’t have time to be at the property … they didn’t meet the plumber who was on the job, nor did they have the experience to know whether that person was any good or not! But with David and his team, the judgment people are right on the front lines!”

“David is a serious contender when it comes to working with and for property owners and their tenants.  He is responsive, experienced and a creative problem-solver. If there is a less expensive way to resolve a property issue, David knows it.  And his accounting experience is a huge relief for owners.”


  • Rethinking your Commercial Property Management strategy
  • Reviewing your current Property Manager
  • Renegotiating Lease terms
  • Needing to hand off these tasks to someone qualified

We can help. Call David directly at (615)513-6164

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Lease Administration

Capital Project Management

Tenant Relations

Rent Collection

Construction Oversight

Annual CAM Reconciliation


Reliable Commercial Property Management Servicing the Nashville, TN area

Take the hassle out of your day-to-day commercial property management with LEAP Solutions, LLC.  Drawing on years of hands-on experience, we work with you to learn more about your business, tailoring our extensive suite of services to meet your unique needs.

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Property Management

We exceed expectations regarding day-to-day property management and the long term value of every property we manage.

Tenant Support

We understand that Tenants need rapid responses to building issues and we bring a high level of expertise to each and every request for assistance.

Accounting Services

We apply our extensive accounting experience to prepare annual Financial Statements, Rent Rolls, Annual Tenant CAM reconciliations and various other property evaluations.

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